Community Governance and Advocacy

Study the issues and problems related to community organizations, political or social advocacy, governance, private-public sector partnerships,philanthropy and other local, state or regional matters. Courses deal with physical development, social interaction, race and ethnicity, family, gender, economics and politics as they relate to challenges of community life.

Students choose careers in various settings, such as non-profit agencies, government, law firms or the private sector.  Some pursue graduate school in law, public administration, human resources, community psychology, public policy, public health or economic development.

Alumni have held positions such as a community organizer, public policy specialist, environmental quality associate, business coordinator, project coordinator and AmeriCorps and Peace Corps members.


Courses in the Community Governance and Advocacy Concentration

In addition to the requirements for our thematic IDS concentrations, students with the Community Governance and Advocacy concentration will complete 15 credits worth of courses that focus on Social Justice, Advocacy, Politics, and more. These courses will come from different departments in the College of Social Science and beyond to give our students a well-rounded perspective on the change they can make in their communities.

For more information on the degree requirements for this concentration, see the degree checklist below along with the course options in Academic Programs.

There are two versions of the major that will depend on the year that you began the program with us. Please select the appropriate checklist based on your first semester in IDS:

Interdisciplinary Studies - Social Science Degree Checklist (Pre-Fall 2021)

Interdisciplinary Studies - Social Science Degree Checklist (Fall 2021 and Forward)