IDS History Overview

The undergraduate major in Interdisciplinary Studies in Social Science (IDS) had its origin in 1944 as the social Science "divisional" major in what was then Michigan State College's School of Arts and Sciences. Over time, as Michigan State College grew to become a university (1955) and as the Social Science "division" grew to become a separate college (1962), the general major in Social Science also by the Center for Integrative Studies in Social Science.

For over half a century now, IDS students in collaboration with their advisors have been discovering effectives ways of combining varieties of academic interests into individually tailored, coherent programs of study. The alumni of this major, who now number in the tens of thousands, have made important contributions to business, public service, and secondary and university education. They include a U.S. Senator, a former governor of the State of Michigan and ambassador to Canada, the former U.S. ambassador to Brazil, a leader in the U.S. civil rights movement, three university presidents, a past resident of the MSU Board of Trustees, a major general in the U.S. Marine Corps, the former vice president of the corporate trust department of one of America's largest banks, the president of a computer software and consulting company, the director of Compensation and Benefits for a major U.S. corporation, and a number of men and women who have served the public at local, State, and national levels. As well as corporate and community leaders across the country and around the world. Over the years, IDS students have received a number of prestigious awards and citations. Two of our graduates have won Mellon Fellowships for graduate study, the first recipients of this award in the history of Michigan State University!