Success in the Major

The majors in Interdisciplinary Studies in Social Science draw upon course work from the departments and schools within the College of Social Science and also from related departments across the campus. The key to constructing a coherent and credible IDS Major is the collaborative effort of students and their academic advisors. The IDS staff includes a group of academic specialists who are experienced in curriculum planning and student advising. They are also well informed about the university's administrative structure, procedures, and resources. They are responsible for assisting students in the development of individual programs of study, for monitoring student records, and for certifying the completion of graduation requirements. Each advisor is also an invaluable source of information about courses, careers, and graduate school. 

Students in the IDS majors are expected to become responsible collaborators in the planning of their programs of study and their preparation for careers after graduation. The advisors can do much to assist students in both of these endeavors, but their work cannot take the place of initiative and effort. Students can do much to contribute to the success of their academic program planning by becoming familiar with the university publications (hard copy or Web versions), including Academic Programs, Description of Courses, and Schedule of Courses. To help insure the success of this collaborative effort, students are required to consult an IDS advisor at the time they enter the major. Additionally, they should see an advisor when they have accumulated 80 or more credits in order to assess their progress toward graduation. Students are urged to meet with their advisors regularly and frequently to make sure that their programs of study fulfill graduation requirements. However, each student is individually responsible for being aware of and for meeting all graduation requirements.