The Structure of the Major

The majors in Interdisciplinary Studies in Social Science require a minimum of 42 semester credits, and are composed of two parts: Part 1 - a minimum of 24 credits in an interdisciplinary topical area, and Part 2 - a minimum of 18 credits in a disciplinary cognate. The course work in the interdisciplinary portion of  the major establishes the basis for students to pursue the integrated study of complex social issues and phenomena. The course work in the disciplinary cognates develops more specialized skills in problem analysis, research methodology, and critical thinking. Together, the two complementary parts if the major combine breadth and depth in imaginative ways that have multiple applications to both professional careers and advanced study. 

IDS students complete work in one of the following eight interdisciplinary topical areas: Community Relations, Environmental Policy, Health Studies, Human Aging, Human Resources and Society, International Studies, Law and Society (Prelaw), or Public Policy Studies. In consolation with an advisor, students combine their interdisciplinary/multi-departmental course work with a disciplinary cognate selected from one of the following departments: Anthropology, Economics, Geography, History, Political Science, Psychology or Sociology.